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Blockchain Solutions & Services for the Creative Industries

The emerging world of Blockchain Platforms and Cryptocurrencies can at times pose challenges to those who might not have the time or know-how to tackle the learning curve needed to maximize their new found golden goose. This is where hYe Digital comes in. We “help YOU earn”.

Let us manage your accounts and facilitate your content. Blockchain technology is unique in that it is transparent and public, so anyone can see earnings and transactions. Depending on your needs, we can work with you and explore the best strategies to help you maximize your post earnings.

What platforms do we service?

Steemit: A blogging platform that has homegrown Audio, Video and Streaming integration and the ability to embed YouTube and Soundcloud links. Posts receive “upvotes” (author rewards) that are monetized depending on the voters Voting Power and also earn from comments and curation.

Our team is proficient in using all available resources and permissible technologies to to build your account, helping YOU earn. Returns and rewards grow and accumulate over unless you would like to invest in “powering up” your account, which is an option we can discuss personally.

Musicoin: An audio streaming platform using Smart Contracts and Blockchain technology to empower Musicians. Each stream is rewarded 1 Musicoin (value of coin may fluctuate depending on the market) that is paid out immediately using a Universal Basic Income model. You don’t need to be logged in to reward Musicians on Musicoin.

We have a successful “Musicoin Ambassador” on our team and can provide incentives for Artists to join the platform. We offer account management services that are transparent and professional to cater to your needs.

* We will continue to add new platforms as they emerge

Our services are gear towards Independent Artists, Labels and Brands who are looking to find alternatives to monetize their content and products, so we can help YOU earn.

What do we charge for our services?

Contact us for more information

Do we offer packages?

Yes. We will be offering flexible packages to our clients. Do contact us for more information

Why should we work together?

It is important that we implement an effective strategy when it comes to both Steemit and Musicoin. Our experience makes it easy to inlcude any marketing activities you are undertaking as well as shaping what the roadmap will look like. We work with you and provide an easy to use system tailored to you.

Do we offer any other services?

We offer Blockchain Consultation services covering a variety of interest points and have a network of freelance professionals to handle any of your needs.

We also offer graphic design, writing, editorial, music production, mixing, mastering, video editing, shooting, photography, animation and a variety of other related services.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at hyedigital@protonmail.com