Oh Na Na with Masia One this week in Singapore

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I’ve had the pleasure of watching the career of Masia One unfold over the past 15+ years and have always support the effort and grind this woman puts in to everything she does. With an album dropping on the 26th October it was with good timing that we planned to feature Singapore on episode 23 of #worldofhiphop


In August Masia One released a modern canton-club-themed video for her single “The Wastin’” featuring Ragga Waka with some dancehall inspired movements bringing colour and vibes to a dope stylized video offering. When I last met Masia she told me about her experience making this video, so I’ll also include the BTS so you can witness it for yourself. The track is produced by XXXSSS Tokyo (XLII & DJ SARASA). Peep it!


Behind The Scenes

The Far East Empress, as she’s affectionately known as, is about to launch her 5th solo album aptly titled “Far East Empress” this 26th October. We also had the chance to collaborate on my 2007 project TROACO on a track I called Dusty Wonton.

Born in Singapore Masia One moved to study in Canada when she was 8 years old and lived in Vancouver before attending the University in Toronto, where I met her and she kicked off her career as an Emcee and Hip Hop artist. Masia also wrote graffiti and partook in BGirl actions which you can check out in her track Return of the B-Girl if you’re feeling funky fresh!

Here’s the latest single from  Masia One “Oh Nan Na” with a fresh tropical lyric video in anticipation of her coming project.


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