Tell Em Mala ’bout Mala Rodriguez and the World of Spanish Hip Hop

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I’ve long held a fascination and respect for Spanish Hip Hop, since the early days of MySpace i used to connect and listen to the sounds and styles that the Spanish applied to their brand of Hip Hop, moving away from the traditional American vibe, the Spanish seemed to have found the right recipe and when you mix in the stunning voice of Mala Rodriguez you will get it… Episode 22 of #worldofhiphop

I’m not at all familiar with Mala Rodriguez but when I was searching for artists to showcase on this week’s Episode I wanted to find someone who was cutting edge enough and who had a history in the game as well as a fair amount of popularity. I also love to feature the ladies of Hip Hop so it was a perfect fit. According to the translation Mala in Spanish means “Bad”. Personally I don’t really see her fitting into that Bad Gyal type but when I dug back into some of her older material I get it.

La Mala is from Seville and as a teenager found her way into the Hip Hop scene alongside La Gota Que Colma as she began to rise to prominence in the late 90’s. In 2000 she signed with Universal Spain and her first two album went Gold. Since then she’s enjoyed a successful career and was even featured on Barak Obamas “Summer Spotify Playlist” in 2015.

I particularly enjoyed her performance on the track Gitanas, which translates to “Gypsy”. You can definitely hear the elements of the culture and music in the sounds of a lot of Spanish Hip Hop, with Mala being of Andalusian heritage (southernmost part of Spain).


Moving with the times, Mala Rodriguez has been infusing more of an Afrobeat/Pop element into her music in an attempt to remain relevant in the mainstream and appeal to the younger generation. You can hear it in the latest release of the track Contigo, which features Jamaican-born, UK Based Stylo G.

I’ll leave you with this track and if you want to learn more about Mala Rodriguez you can go check out more of her stuff on your own!

Thanks again for reading/watching and we hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of #worldofhiphop with me @vandigital.

If you have an Artist you’d like to recommend for the segment, please do drop a comment and let us know!

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