Discovering the Origins of Hip Hop The Blockchain


written by @vandigital

It was late July 2017 after coming out of a strange depressive state that I braindumped a storm of ideas that eventually became Hip Hop The Blockchain. In September 2017 I held the first Hip Hop The Blockchain Live Stream with the help of the people at Grand Theft Records & BlokTex. It was streamed on Facebook as a way to explain Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and how it can apply to Hip Hop to the community of followers I knew doing Hip Hop here in Malaysia and around the world.

When I got back from Canada we held our first Kuala Lumpur Meet Up in February 2018. It brought together a small group of emcees, DJ’s and Beatboxers and we engaged in open mic cyphers and a short workshop by myself and @djlethalskillz. It was the first attempt to bring the community together and share about the benefits of using Blockchain platforms, like Steemit, that I’d already been using since July 2017.

I ventured to Puerto Rico for Blockchain Unbound in March to try my luck at pitching the project to Brock Pierce and maybe get some funding from EOS, but it didn’t really work out. If it’s of any interest you can watch my video recap. It was a good trip either way and the highlight might have been partying with Wesley Snipes!

We set up the @hhtb account shortly after in April 2018 to begin engaging and building the community right here on Steemit. It also gave us an opportunity to raise funds to continue to do cool events and workshops promoting Blockchain technology and on-boarding people to get involved.

I managed to secure a slot to present at the Wired Music Week in May 2018 that was a key moment. Here’s the promo video I put together for it.

I guess that’s a bit more than just the Origin of Hip Hop The Blockchain. I am not claiming ownership of the platform, rather I’m engaging in collaborations so that we can all be rewarded through the power of participation and contribute to the growth of Hip Hop on the Blockchain.

We appreciate the support of @sndbox as we continue to evolve &always encourage anyone interested in participating to holla at us!


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