The Brash Estonian “Tommy Cash” earns a spot on World Of Hip Hop [Ep 21]

Welcome to World Of Hip Hop! Where we shine a light on some of the amazing Hip Hop talent from around the globe with the help of @neutronenkind and @vandigital.

We’re taking it far left field this week with a feature of Estonian artist Tommy Cash who wants to surf on your underwear. No, for real. Well what can I say about this eclectic artist from a country not many people know about. Ok, if you’re in the Crypto/Finance World you might have heard the recent news about Estonia being… It all makes sense now.

The photo above should give you a bit of reference to the kind of artist we’re dealing with this week on Episode 21 of #worldofhiphop and I’d like to note that beside surfing on your underwear he claims to be a cross of Rock & Rap butt I think he’s been heavily inspired by Die Antwoord who we should probably highlight one of these days. He mostly raps in English and his accent is very, how should I say, Estonian? Do some “Surfing” for yourself.

From Tallinn, Estonia and born in ’91 Tommy Cash could easily tell you what drug a fiend was on from a distance. Coming from the the downtrodden Kopli district of the Capital, at the age of 15 he was “ejected from school” with the help of Cannabis. He wrote Graffiti on the streets, ran from cops as he settled into a life as a painter and dancer. He also plays a nice sets of asses too.

I really don’t know what to think right now. I’m not a huge Trap fan, but the weirdness of Tommy Cash almost makes sense. After dropping only one album, back in 2014, he’s released a string of singles with crazy videos. I saw an Instagram post that said if he got 6666 comments he would release a video on Porn Hub. I haven’t investigated this personally, but a lil Presearch might get you there, maybe?

Aight Imma leave you with his latest. Not my favorite, but for Tommy Cash it’s all about the visuals. Molly Ringwald?

Thanks again for reading/watching and we hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of #worldofhiphop with me @vandigital.

If you have an Artist you’d like to recommend for the segment, please do drop a comment and let us know!

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