The Myanmar Hip Hop Revolution – World Of Hip Hop [Ep 18]

Welcome to World Of Hip Hop! Where we shine a light on some of the amazing Hip Hop talent from around the globe with the help of @neutronenkind and @vandigital.

The revolutionary force of Hip Hop is at work in Myanmar and this week on #worldofhiphop we are showcasing the revolutionary artist Zwe Thet Paing who won the VOY2016 Song Contest for “Human Rights”.

A South East Asian Twist

A comment was posted on Facebook last week when I asked where people wanted to see us focus our next Episode of “World Of Hip Hop” and we were challenge to find some talent from Myanmar. Without fail, we believe we have found the quintessential artist and emcee in Zwe Thet Paing. While exploring his videos it was “Human Rights” that really stood out. It also helped that the video used English subtitles to allow the lyrics to be heard.

“The system is the predator and the people the prey.” Zwe Thet Paing delivers a scorching rebuke of Myanmar private and public leaders that are hailing human rights while their actions are defying them and increasing inequality and corruption. Drugs, land grabbing, abuse and slavery are the only rights the system allows the people.

We found a really dope cypher video as well that features a couple of other Burmese Emcees that we’re going to feature next. At a loss when it comes to the translation of the lyrics for this, but we really liked the flow and Boombap vibe of the track and it was in line with the many “cypher” style videos that were made popular by XXL Freshman series and Team Backpack. It was really refreshing to hear songs that weren’t influenced by the current “Trap” sound.

ZWE THET PAING x DR.$AILAY x BA MG – ” Cypher Network “

Having browsed a couple of other Hip Hop artists from Myanmar, it would be interesting to know more about the lyrical content and the inspiration as a variety of styles were on display despite being skewed to a more commercial gangsta-style that is quite common in this neck of the woods. Go follow Zwe Thet Paing on Instagram to learn more!

Thanks again for reading/watching and we hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of #worldofhiphop with me @vandigital.

If you have an Artist you’d like to recommend for the segment, please do drop a comment and let us know!

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