Knowledge is the 5ifth Element

We’re introducing a new segment for Hip Hop The Blockchain here on Steemit entitled “5ifth Element“. Dropping next week and to be curated by @vandigital, the segment is dedicated to spreading what is commonly known as the “5th Element” of Hip Hop, Knowledge.

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As it is our aim to develop more segments catering to the different elements of Hip Hop we feel that in order for the community to have a strong mutual understanding of the overall culture we need to stregnthen the foundation at its core, which is knowledge. For this we will be using the tag #knowledge.

“The segment will talk about the many pioneers and organizations that have been powering Hip Hop since its inception and be more of a guide for you, the readers and community-at-large to expand on your knowledge of the culture and get to know the important people, places and times.”

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5ifth Element will not go in-depth in our articles, but just give an overview and provide valuable links and videos to support the content we are sharing. We are always looking to cater to what people are interested in so if you have thoughts or comments you can drop them below or get at us in our Discord.

Being part of the @sndbox incubator, it’s time we step things up and become more active! We are working on a number of additions to the curation lineup as well as a few things that can help us make some much needed “real-world” impact. This includes a new website and some tie-ups with different brands and projects! We would love your input on how we can serve you better, and if you’re doing any Hip Hop related projects, contests, challenges here on Steemit, let us know!

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