Entering The Sndbox

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We got the call! After waiting a few months since we submitted Hip Hop The Blockchain for consideration we received an email on July 31st 2018 with the official invitation to be a part of Cohort 2 as the second batch with the @sndbox incubator. We just had to screenshot the Welcome Page to document our humble beginnings. Let’s Begin!

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@sndbox is an initiative masterminded by @voronoi and @hansikhouse to incubate creative projects on the Blockchain and they have been doing a great job so far. Expanding their sphere influence in the community with @creativecrypto and @cc-billboard it is going to be exciting to see what they have in store for us next.

Here’s a great video of the two founders explaining the project in detail! Taken from Steem Fest 2017.

We will be spending the next 4 months building with the #hiphop community and alongside our current World Of Hip Hop ( @neutronenkind ) & Off The Record ( @stickykeys ) segments we will be presenting a lot of exciting initiatives including 5ifth Element, which will be introduced next weekend.

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It’s going to an exciting time for the growth of this project and with so many ideas we hope to work with as many of you doing great things for Hip Hop as possible. We’ve always believed in the Power of Participation and encourage everyone to get involved!

Join the discussion on our Discord Server if you haven’t already.

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